Outsourcing from India

ELKAY offers you quality CAD/GIS support services at very attractive rates.

We are able to do this by taking advantage of the skilled talent available in our offices in INDIA. ELKAY is a 9001 certified, professionally managed, company with state of the art production facilities in Bangalore, India. The infrastructure for the GIS division is set up with key professionals who have been hired from Industry majors like InfoTech Enterprises, Daxxes Corporation and Nobel Software. ELKAY'S Indian Office currently has a strength of 40 employees

Skill Set

ELKAY's Skill Set in the Industry includes:

A very special advantage ELKAY has is that skills from all the divisions, may it be Oracle, Visual Basic, C++, Java, Java Beans, Corba etc: can be drawn wherever necessary to integrate a project.

We already have in house staff strength of over 40 employees who have worked on prestigious off shore projects like

GIS Services

Oceanography / Survey Services

Topo/aqua maps
Converting the required coverages/themes (like water bound areas, Rocks, Islands Misc.)

1. Plain Digitizing
Pasting of raster and capturing the required themes as per client specification.

Software: AutoCAD, CAD Overlay

2. Fixing the map to World Coordinate System (WCS)
To fix a map to WCS firstly we have to feed the coordinates (feeding 4 points), create a polygon for the 4 points, pasting the raster and rubbersheeting the raster to projected 4 points.Now the map is fixed to WCS. The next step is to digitize the required themes as per the client requirement.

Software: AC Tracer, AutoCAD & CAD Overlay

Vectorisation of drawings

Drawings can be received/handled by us in any form

Delivery of digitized/converted drawings can be by FTP or in CD-ROM.

Pricing Advantage

Pricing is based on the following criteria

Pricing Models

Typically we are about 40% cheaper than US companies , for the same job.

Delivery: about 600 to 1000 drawings per week, of an average size mix.